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LLC NPP OSI development and prosperity of the company every employee depend on the Client satisfaction by the quality of the Institute product.

Specific quality requirements are associated with the place of the Institute in the NPP safety provision infrastructure. Therefore, product deviations from the requirements of rules, regulations and safety standards are unacceptable.

The guaranteed fulfillment of these conditions shall be achieved through an effective quality management system. Quality management is a critical task for managers at all levels whose duties are the following:

  • To arrange a comprehensive activity planning for optimal resource management;
  • To create an adequate working environment and motivation for most efficient use of competence and initiative of every employee and to ensure the most efficient staff interaction;
  • To be guided by the policy, procedures and authorities, to be proactive;
  • To maintain the highest level of personnel competence and qualification;
  • To arrange reasonable documentation to make decisions based on accurate and sufficient information;
  • To organize continuous monitoring activities, as well as the development and implementation of corrective actions on the management mechanism improvement;
  • To apply the most advanced technology.

Implementation of this policy is of paramount importance and is achievable only with the conscious and proactive participation of the whole team of qualified, skilled and demanding approach by the management.

Publishing this policy I claim my full responsibility for its strict compliance.