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14 enterprises which rendered engineering services to Ukrainian nuclear energy facilities established Nuclear Power Plant Operational Support Institute (hereinafter referred to as NPP OSI) in 1997.


The major goal of establishing the NPP OSI was to bring efforts aimed at providing possibilities for a comprehensive solution of tasks in several key directions in the business profile and taking the lead in the infrastructure of the nuclear energy scientific and technical support. At the time of its establishment NPP OSI was the biggest non-governmental enterprise in the branch.

NNEGC Energoatom management supported the initiative of NPP OSI founders and then NNEGC and NPP OSI made a general agreement on June 4th 1998. That agreement is considered as a basic element of the industrial infrastructure of scientific and technical support of nuclear power plants operation.

As the industry develops and based on the analysis of services market NPP OSI management concluded to concentrate the major activity on the following three directions:

  • Integrity of components, management of NPP operating lifetime;
  • Safety assessment and justification for spent fuel and radioactive management facilities;
  • Safety assessment and justification for nuclear energy facilities.

NPP OSI LLC develops documents that justify safety of nuclear energy facilities, including spent fuel and radioactive management facilities for various life-cycles (design, construction, operation, decommissioning).The advanced techniques solve different issues in the course of safety analysis of nuclear energy facilities, including the following:

  • Modeling atmospheric radioactive contamination caused by accident releases;
  • Design-basis accident analysis;
  • Beyond design-basis accident analysis;
  • Modeling atmospheric chemical and radioactive contamination by releases under normal operation;
  • Assessment of success criteria;
  • Solution of thermal hydraulic tasks;
  • Modeling ground radioactive contamination;
  • Modeling radionuclide intake from drinking water;
  • Assessment of current and potential exposure of site workers and the public;
  • Calculations of dose rates caused by different ionizing radiation sources;
  • Assessment of emergency exposure doses;
Advanced designs for nuclear fuel for VVER-design NPPs, cost-effectiveness assessment of fuel cycles are topical tasks for Ukrainian nuclear energy.

Besides, NPP OSI LLC prepares Environmental Impact Statement reports that are an essential part of designs for any nuclear facility and radioactive waste and spent nuclear fuel facilities.

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