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Our Mission

We regard our mission in finding a prudent balance between safety and effectiveness throughout all stages of lifetimes of nuclear energy facilities. 

Our Principles

Integrity, business ethics, professionalism and innovative approach help us accomplish our mission. We treat others as we would like them to treat us. This is the foundation of our institution.

Our Strategic Vision

We strive to be the most competitive and efficient engineering company in the field of scientific and technical support for nuclear energy and take a strong position on foreign markets. In order to be at the forefront, we constantly improve their knowledge and skills in the field of nuclear and radiation safety and maintenance of nuclear power plants. These competencies form the basis of our activities.

The company strategy sets ambitious targets. In the next five years Operational Support Institute plans to take up the following positions:

  • A leading Ukrainian expert and a competence center for nuclear and radiation safety and aspects of operation of nuclear energy facilities;
  • A company for scientific and technical support for nuclear energy in terms of operating profit and portfolio of orders at the Ukrainian market;
  • An equal partner in major electrical energy and industrial companies in Ukraine, state and municipal executive bodies in the area of development and implementation of comprehensive projects on nuclear and radiation safety upgrade and effectiveness of NPP operation.