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The implementation of the strategic plans is based on conducting an effective human resources policy aimed at recruiting qualified employees, improving their professional level, providing staff decent wages and social security is essential to LLC "NPP OSI" activity. The basis for the Institution sustainable development is the balance between the interests of the Company and expectations of its employees. We are capable of achieving stated goals only by the personal endeavor of each employee and the efforts of the entire staff of the Institute as a whole. That is why the Institute management holds an interest in keeping long-term relationships with the employees. Preservation and enhancement of the human potential is a top-priority task of LLC "NPP OSI" personnel policy.

The principles of LLC "NPP OSI" personnel policy are the following:
  • Improvement of organizational and management structure;
  • Transparent personnel recruitment.

The personnel recruitment is conducted on competition basis only. External candidates are considered only after the analysis of internal candidates pool.

  1. Arrangement of comfortable working conditions and compliance with legislative regulations both at the level of conducting economic activities and at the level of employee relation as well:
    • Democratic management style based on respect for the individual and openness;
    • Voluntary decision-making and commitments;
    • Friendly job climate, harmony of interests of all categories of personnel and the Company;
    • Maintaining a favorable moral and psychological climate;
    • Ergonomic workstations.
  2. Development of employees’ capacities, opportunities for personal growth.

    Ensuring continuous growth of vocational training and high quality level of personnel for solving tasks on upgrading the reliability level of safety and NPP operation and maintenance. Training and certification of managers, experts are conducted in accordance with advanced vocational educational standards. Individual employees’ training plans are implemented and that allows building a transparent and motivating personnel policy for retaining and optimal use of highly qualified.